The Impact

Gunjan Chhabra
MA Applied Psychology

I truly appreciate the opportunities provied by Dr. O.P. Bhalla Foundation. This scholarship program not only supports academic achievement but also encourages holistic development. The foundation’s focus on education and community involvement aligns with my values, making it a meaningful and rewarding experience to be a part of their scholarship program.

Tooba Ali
B.Tech Civil Engineering 2023-2027

I am Tooba Ali, a first-year student pursuing B.Tech Civil Engineering at MRIIRS Foundation. I am sincerely grateful for being awarded the MRIIRS Scholarship, which has motivated me to maintain my academic performance, as reflected in my SGPA of 8.53 in the first semester. This recognition has fueled my determination to uphold high standards in my studies. Thank you for believing in my potential.

Bishnu Ghale
Masters in Physiotherapy

I express my sincere gratitude for being awarded the Special Scholarship by the Dr. O.P Bhalla Foundation this year. I feel incredibly grateful for this wonderful opportunity and appreciate your unwavering commitment to support students such as myself in their pursuit of higher education. Your generosity has lifted a significant financial burden off my shoulders, allowing me to focus more wholeheartedly on my studies and personal development.

Nikhil Agarwal
B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering 2022-2026

Receiving the scholarship has boosted my confidence, reduced my stress, and brought me immense joy. It has made me feel that my potential is valued, which inspires me to study hard and do my best. It has instilled a sense of independence in me, further enhancing my overall experience. This serves as a reminder that hard work and dedication can lead to meaningful opportunities, fueling my determination to succeed even further.