Support Athletes

Contribute to ensure that students have access to the right equipment and facilities that enhance their performance in the arena of various sports. This also facilitates specialized coachings, training camps and other athlete development programs that help them to realize their true athletic potential.

Manav Rachna Sports Academy

Manav Rachna Sports Academy is a comprehensive sports institution offering a wide range of activities, including Badminton, Lawn Tennis, Shooting, Soccer, Cricket and more. The academy boasts world-class infrastructure and is staffed by highly qualified trainers. Regular sports clinics conducted by globally acclaimed professionals further enhance the learning experience. With a focus on international standards, the academy provides a one-stop platform for individuals looking to either initiate or improve their sporting skills. Funding for the academy would contribute to sustaining and advancing the exceptional standards set by the institution, ensuring continued access to high-quality facilities and coaching for future generations.

Manav Rachna Sports Science Center &  Rehabilitation Centre

The Manav Rachna Sports Science Centre, led by a team of seasoned health professionals and academics, aims to be a flagship center of excellence in India for sports science and rehabilitation. With expertise in various sports disciplines, the center focuses on supporting elite, junior, and international Olympic athletes through a multidisciplinary approach. The vision is to enhance India’s sporting performance at all levels and win more Olympic medals. 

The Sports Rehabilitation Centre prioritizes the optimal physical and mental well-being of athletes, recognizing the essential role it plays in achieving success in sports. With a focus on identifying and nurturing talent, the center’s sports sciences support staff is dedicated to aiding athletes in their 10-year or 10,000-hour journey toward Olympic glory.  Alumni funding for both centers would contribute to sustaining and advancing its state-of-the-art facilities, research programs, and support services, fostering continued excellence in sports science, training, and athlete development.

Sports Alumni Meet

The Sports Alumni Meet at Manav Rachna serves as a platform for former students to reconnect, celebrate shared sporting experiences, and contribute to the growth of sports facilities through alumni funding. During the event, alumni are encouraged to reminisce about their athletic journeys, reinforcing the institute’s commitment to fostering a strong sports culture. The emphasis on alumni funding underscores the importance of financial support in sustaining and enhancing sports infrastructure, ensuring that current and future students have access to top-notch facilities. Contributions from alumni play a pivotal role in maintaining the legacy of sports excellence at Manav Rachna, fostering a sense of community and commitment to the ongoing success of the institute’s sports programs.

Support for Athlete’s Development and Recuperation

This initiative seeks to provide talented individuals, who have undergone a rigorous selection procedure, with the necessary infrastructure, coaching, and rehabilitation support to nurture their potential and enable them to compete on a level playing field across different sporting avenues. Your financial contribution will play a pivotal role in providing these athletes with access to outstanding facilities, expert coaching, and essential rehabilitation services, ensuring they have every opportunity to excel in their chosen sport. Together, we can make a profound impact on the lives of these athletes, empowering them to achieve their dreams and showcase their remarkable abilities to the world. Your generosity will not only support individual athletes but also contribute to the larger goal of promoting inclusivity and diversity in sports.