Support Student Scholarships

The educational empowerment fund is dedicated to removing financial obstacles for deserving students, offering both Merit-Based and Need-Based scholarships. The Dr. O P Bhalla Foundation’s Special Scholarship Program has already benefited over 1750 students and seeks to expand its impact in the coming financial year, with your support fostering academic excellence and overcoming financial challenges.

Merit-Based Scholarship:

Tailored to support students with exceptional academic records, the Merit-Based scholarship encourages academic achievement and empowers talented individuals to pursue excellence without financial constraints. Your support in this area contributes to a culture of educational accomplishment.

Need-Based Scholarship:

In tandem with Merit-Based scholarships, the Need-Based Scholarship addresses unforeseen hardships that may disrupt a student’s education. Your support here ensures that students facing unexpected challenges can continue their academic journey without compromise. With a history of disbursing Rs. 2.8 crores in scholarships to over 1750 students, the Special Scholarship Program, curated by the Dr. OP Bhalla Foundation, plays a crucial role in alleviating financial burdens caused by various hardships. Oversight by a Core Committee and institutional representatives positions the program for further impact, outlining targeted scholarship amounts in the upcoming financial year. Your support sustains and enhances this program, making education accessible to students facing diverse financial challenges.